Thursday, January 24, 2013

Six Homemade Gifts // Gift Six: Vanilla Extract

Back in June 2012, I started my own pure vanilla extract made from vanilla beans and vodka. After steeping the beans for six months, the vanilla was perfect to dole out in little amber bottles for Christmas gifts.

(For instructions on how to make homemade vanilla extract, you can check out my post HERE.)

This vanilla is rich in flavor and so much better than buying cheap, artificial (or the expensive, pure) stuff at the store!

The amber bottles I found are these 4oz boston round bottles on I love the size, the color of the bottle and their quality. Out of my vodka bottle of vanilla extract, I was able to fill six amber bottles, plus some left over for me to still use (...and I have been using small amounts of vanilla prior to Christmas as well). Plenty to go around!

Now that my bottle is almost empty, I'll be able to refill with vodka and start again! I know you can reuse vanilla beans, but I am not sure for how long. It will be an experiment!


I hope you've been able to get some fun ideas for homemade gifts! It's never to late to start planning for the next holiday season (or even birthdays along the way). I do have one more bonus post coming - a homemade gift for those who love to run. So check back soon!

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