Monday, May 14, 2012

Spring Cleaning Sprints // Week Four Complete

This was a productive week. There are fewer dust bunnies in our apartment and our bathroom is squeaky clean! 

I started with the bathroom and it actually took at least an hour to get it as clean as I wanted it. I did a lot of scrubbing on the shower tiles and our shower caddy that has rusted. It’s not perfect, but it looks much better! 

I also liked using the baking soda and vinegar…better than saturating the air with chemicals. I just sprayed on a water and vinegar mix (50/50, I think) then made up a baking soda paste and scrubbed with a toothbrush and sponge.

Rust from our shower caddy - ick.

Almost good as new!

Squeaky clean and sparkly.

I did use Tilex for the plastic shower curtain. I learned from past experience the easiest way to get scum and mildew off those things is to throw them in the washer with some rags, sprayed down with Tilex. I gave it an extra rinse cycle to make sure the Tilex washed out. Now, I have a good-as-new shower curtain without having to scrub it by hand!

After the bathroom, I cleaned off a bookshelf and cleared out my magazine rack. I found a few books to get rid of (donate, gift or return to the church) and a pile of magazines I decided to finally part with. I rarely look at them and they are just cluttering precious space. Out they go!

Finally, I vacuumed (including under the couch) and mopped the floors. Nothing exciting about those tasks, but they do reduce the dirt and dust that builds up over time.

The best part about this week was my Peaceful Pause spent at the beach with a friend. SO refreshing. 

I hope you are regularly experiencing God’s peace in similar ways. His presence in moments like those is like air – we suffocate without Him. My prayer is that you can make some time and space with Him and be refreshed this week!