Monday, May 14, 2012

28 Day Whole Foods Challenge Complete

The last day of my challenge was Saturday, but I decided it is very doable to keep going with it. 

The last week of the challenge I really didn’t stick to my 80/20 goal (eating at least 80% whole foods). This was because of some unexpected time away from home and eating out, then some lazy meal planning later in the week. But I noticed I was more conscious of the types of foods I was eating and how much of it aligned with my goal. I see this as real progress.

Now I feel more confident in my food choices. I learned some new recipes I really enjoy. I learned how whole foods can fit in our budget. I also figured out areas in which I don’t mind compromise, allowing myself some grace instead of stressing over perfection. 

I really want to continue eating 80/20 as much as possible. As I become more comfortable with it, I feel like I can challenge myself to go further.  Until then, this is a good balance for me.

I mentioned in previous posts some of the changes I noticed in myself by doing this challenge. For one, I lost 3 lbs in the first week because of the drastic diet changes. At first I was tired and hungry, but once I learned to keep my calorie intake at a healthy level, I found I was more energized. I feel nourished and refreshed after eating whole foods….not at all like I feel after eating processed stuff. I have been sleeping better and able to wake up earlier. My skin is healthier. All positive effects. I cannot think of negatives….other than it is hard not to eat ice cream or chocolate every day.

Of course, I do not believe food to be the only source of nourishment and peace within my body. I believe we are spirit, soul and body. Each aspect of ourselves affect the others indirectly and directly. I believe spiritual health and emotional health promote physical health. So even as I work at improving my nutrition intake, I know I need to care for my spiritual well being also and not rely on food as my source.

At the end of the day, God is my source for everything. Whether He provides health through food or His presence, He deserves the credit, not my efforts. I am so thankful He has given me resources to take care of my physical needs – as well as my need to abide in Him. I look forward to honoring Him with my decisions daily. So while my challenge has ended, I want to continue learning how I can receive of God’s goodness through His provisions. I hope you will join me!