Sunday, January 20, 2013

Reminder: So Long, Insecurity Women's Bible Study

I just wanted to remind all the ladies that we will be starting our women's online Bible study THIS Wednesday! I am so excited to start this journey with you. I hope you will join in!

If you are wondering what this is about, you can read all about it in my first post HERE.

Just a quick recap:

What We are Studying: 
So Long, Insecurity by Beth Moore
The study is based on her book and group experience workbook intended to help women overcome insecurity rooted in expectations and instead gain security in Christ.

When This is Happening:
New posts go up every Wednesday starting January 23rd for 10 weeks. This study is structured so you can adapt it to your schedule. You do not have to dive into discussion the same day the new content is posted. Join in when you can, but to keep discussions fairly relevant, try to respond to discussion questions within 1-2 weeks.

Who Can Participate: 
Any woman interested in developing a deeper relationship with God.

How to Join:
No registration is needed. If you would like to send me a message to let me know you plan to follow along, then great! Otherwise, simply read the weekly posts and join in the discussions in the comment section of the blog.

So You Won't Miss a Post:
You are welcome to subscribe to my blog so all posts will be sent to your email (keep in mind, you will receive my other non-Bible study related posts as well). If you are my friend on Facebook, make sure you see my updates in your News Feed. All my blog posts automatically show up in Facebook. Or you can simply bookmark this page of my blog, and make a note to yourself to check in weekly.

Participation Expectations:
This study is based off Beth Moore's book and workbook. I encourage you to purchase these items if you desire to go deeper in personal study. I cannot quote large amounts of text for copyright reasons. The weekly blog posts will be summaries of the content, discussion questions to get you thinking (and talking), and review from the previous week's discussions. You CAN participate without a book. It is up to you what you want to get out of it!

Group discussions will take place in the form of comments posted below the blog post. You do not have to comment or join in discussions. Of course, sharing your thoughts, experiences and encouragement for others can enrich this online Bible study for all of us. So please feel free to share anything that is relevant to the content and uplifting for us all. You can also choose your level of privacy when posted a comment - remain anonymous, use a screen name, just your first name - you choose!

If you have any questions, please comment below or send me a message! Otherwise, I look forward to getting started in just a couple of days. May God bless our journey!