Monday, July 2, 2012

From June to July

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I think I enjoy "theme-ing" the months. 

At the beginning of June I decided to focus on being more reflective, more thankful, more joyful. I wanted to go deeper in prayer so I spent a week fasting and praying over different aspects of my life. Then I attempted to be more mindful each day of how I experienced life, particularly those moments that I saw God's hand. I've been keeping a journal of gifts (inspired by Ann Voskamp's One Thousand Gifts) and I did a month-long photo challenge to help me creatively "see" and document my life.

I love that I took the time to notice things. This month I worked through some stressors, saw some prayers answered, found myself enjoying new things, learning new things and experiencing many of the same things in my life differently. I found more joy and found myself spilling over with excitement for the life I have.

This is a good way to live. 

So continuing with the themes, this month is about celebrating. I will take everything I learned in June with me to July and transition from inward reflection to outward celebration. There is a lot to celebrate this month. Independence Day. My birthday. My Adam's birthday. My nephew's birthday. The anniversary of our church. A friend's birthday. And I am sure I will discover a few other excuses to celebrate.... ;-)

BTW - If you need party hats for any of your celebrations, click on the photo above. It's a really cute DIY party hat tutorial.