Wednesday, July 4, 2012

July Celebration #1 // Independence Day

I am so thankful to celebrate a day like to today...we are so blessed to live in America! I am especially thankful for all the men and women who have sacrificed to protect our freedoms. May God continue to bless the USA!

Today we celebrated Independence Day by relaxing at home. Sometimes that is the best way to spend a holiday! The past couple weeks have been very busy and stressful for Adam because of several changes taking place at work. So today we enjoyed a rarity: sleeping in together and letting our minds go on vacation.

We did all the fun summer things like swim at the pool, make burgers and attempt to photograph fireworks. I also set myself to a craft project updating the decor on our main living room wall. It was a great day!

A special breakfast treat. :)

Adam lounging and playing video games.

Adam got me a chocolate chip frap...yum!

Morning at the pool...a PERFECT summer day!


Part of my craft project for the day...finished product photos to come!

Another peek...

Burger bar...more yum!

Fresh corn on the cob.

One day we will have an actual grill...but this makes good burgers too!

So juicy and fresh!

Red, white & blue smoothie!

In lieu of our own fireworks. :)

Taken through our window.

This one was in our "backyard"...beautiful!