Monday, May 7, 2012

Spring Cleaning Sprints // Week Three Complete

This week was easy for me. I love organizing, sorting, purging.  Now my purse, our closet, pantry and bathroom are all sorted and up-to-date. Here is a review of the assignments for Week Three:

Weeknight Spruce
Clean out purse, coupon files and junk drawer

Saturday Sweep
Sort through the pantry, laundry room, bathroom cabinets.
Sort through clothing in closets and dressers.

Quickie Purge
Get rid of at least 5 things

Peaceful Pause
30 minutes spent refreshing YOU

It is often hard for me to purge clothes. I’ve gotten rid of things I wish I kept and I’ve kept things much longer than I should have. It is sometimes difficult to discern what to keep and what to toss. So I learned to ask key questions while sorting through clothes, jewelry and accessories:

1. Have I worn it within the past year?
2. Is it possible I will want to wear it in the coming year?
3. Does it fit?
4. Am I comfortable and confident wearing it?

If the answers to at least two of those questions are a strong YES, then I will probably keep it. If not, it is gone!

Clothes to give away - more than 5 things!
Between my husband and I, we ended up with quite a pile of stuff to get rid of. I tried selling the good stuff to Plato’s Closet. (BTW - this is a great place to get gently used name-brand, trendy clothes on the cheap!) They only wanted a couple of items for $3.90. Better than nothing! The rest is going to Goodwill.

I also reorganized my clothes so they are color coordinated, (somewhat) neatly folded, and sorted in my hanging shelf organizer. The closet feels less crowded already. Hooray!

Next I cleaned out my purse (found lots of trash) and our coupon basket. This basket sits on our counter near my purse and holds dining coupons, pens, a pad of paper, extra sunglasses and a candle lighter. It can easily become a cluttered catch-all. Now it is once again a helpful organizer instead of a mess.

Then I went through our bathroom cabinets to toss out expired items and see if there is anything I can donate. I found some unused lotion and makeup to donate. I also found a very OLD canister of a “miracle-healer” my family used for years (decades?). 

Meet the Pink Salve.

Gross huh?

I’m pretty sure this stuff is older than I am. I don’t even remember its real name. We always just called it “Pink Salve”. We used it on everything: bug bites, burns, rashes, cuts, scrapes. And it healed it all up quick! 

I think this canister was one of two remaining salves in our family. Both labels are so worn we cannot read them anymore. But I am pretty sure in a recent conversation about the salve we discovered it had some kind of metal in it…and probably a lot of other strange ingredients. (Yikes!)

It seemed to serve us well for a season, but it’s time to let go of the nostalgic and this pink metal sludge. I’m not even sure if it is environmentally conscious to throw it in the trash. But that’s what I did before I had second thoughts.

Goodbye Pink Salve!

This week for my Peaceful Pause I did get around to reading. I started “1000 Gifts” by Ann Voskamp. So far I am loving it! What a perfect book to read while trying to enjoy some peaceful moments. Look for a review post soon.


Lisa Adele said... Reply to Comment

heard this cool trick for clothes you aren't sure you want to purge or not. Hang them in the closet with the hangers hooked backwards. Then when you wear something and wash it, put it back with the hanger going the right way. Anything with its hanger still backwards at the end of the season can go!

Valerie said... Reply to Comment

@Lisa AdeleI love that idea! Thanks for sharing. :)