Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Spring Cleaning Sprints // Week Three Assignments

I am really looking forward to this week – this is the stuff I love to do. And all assignments have great potential for getting rid of unnecessary junk!
Weeknight Spruce
Clean out purse, coupon files and junk drawer
I’m a one-purse kind of girl which makes things easy for heading out the door in a hurry. But that also means I don’t go through it very often and random things end up stuck at in the bottom of all the pockets. It will be nice to take some weight off my load by pulling out the hidden treasure trash.
There are also those spots in the kitchen that are a catch all for stuff. Some people have junk drawers, or just piles of coupons and mail. It’s time to sort through all that and toss the clutter.

Saturday Sweep
Sort through the pantry, laundry room, bathroom cabinets…
...any place you store items that can expire. Look for food that is expired and toss it. If it is about to expire, pull it to the front of the pantry and use it soon. Got too much of one item? Put together a donation bag for a local charity or family in need.
Do the same thing with your cleaning supplies and bathroom cabinets. Get rid of expired medications, toothpaste and bath products. If you have a bunch of items from couponing that you cannot use, donate them!
Organize the items in these places to that they are easy to find when needed. Put cleaning products in a plastic carrier to make it easier to tote around the house. Organize your toiletries with plastic drawers and wire shelving. Pantry items should be arranged by expiration date with the oldest items in front.

Sort through clothing in closets and dressers.
This is another great opportunity to purge and donate. Pull out items you have not worn in a year…you probably will never wear them. Organize dresser drawers and the closet by like items: underwear drawer, socks in one place, workout clothes together, dress shirts hung together, winter clothing separate form summer clothing. This will help you see what you have and not forget about an item.
I would love to start approaching “stuff” with a minimalist attitude: only having enough for what is necessary. But I also think it is ok to have a few “just for fun” items. I will be working on a balance to my approach so I don’t end up keeping too much, allowing myself to enjoy my wardrobe without being burdened by too much. Let’s face it, sometimes having too many choices just makes things more complicated!   
Quickie Purge
Get rid of at least 5 things
I hope I can continue to find more than 5 each week!

Peaceful Pause
 30 minutes spent refreshing YOU
This week I hope to get in more reading. I have a few books laying around that I need to crack open.