Monday, May 21, 2012

Spring Cleaning Complete!

This last week of spring cleaning was fairly easy….it helps that our apartment is small. Here is what I accomplished this week:

  • Sanitized light switches and door handles
  • Dusted furniture, blinds and ceiling fans
  • Wiped down baseboards (those visible and easily accessible – I did not have time to more all the furniture)
  • Bonus: We had a party so extra sprucing occurred in the bathroom, kitchen and among my husband’s piles of paperwork & official’s gear. Hooray!
What I did not get done was finding five things to get rid of. I guess I thoroughly purged everything already! For my Peaceful Pause, I did get to read a little more from "One Thousand Gifts".

It was a productive week! And I am glad to be done with spring cleaning. Now to just keep it up throughout the year...