Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Quick Household Tips

There are so many fun household tips on the internet. I love things that make life simple, easy and inexpensive! So these are just a few of my favorites that have come my way recently:

A Straw Necklace Holder
My necklaces always get tangled when I travel. This is a simple solution! Simple string a straw onto your necklace and clasp it closed. No more tangles!

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Hanger Chip Clip
A friend of my shared this photo with me on Facebook (thanks Gigi!). What a great idea! Chip clips are one of the easiest kitchen items to lose or run out of…these plastic hangers seem to multiply. Sacrifice one to make the other and problem solved!

Other good chip clips:
Binder clips (my in-office solution)
Paper clips
Wooden clothes pins

DIY Dryer Sheets
This is a simple and natural laundry solution that I use. Here is what you need:

100% cotton fabric (I used an old shirt)
White Vinegar
Essential Oil (I used Lavender)
A jar or plastic container

Simply cut the fabric into small squares – about the size of a dryer sheet. Fold them neatly (individually) to that they fit inside your container of choice. Add equal parts water and vinegar until the fabric is covered, followed by about 10 drops of essential oil. And you are done!

When you are doing your laundry, just toss a wet sheet into the dryer with your wet clothes. It will take it from there! You can keep reusing the liquid in your container until it gets low. Just add more vinegar and water or essential oil if it lost its scent.

The vinegar helps keep down static during the drying process. And the essential oil will gently fragrance your clothes. You can pick other essential oil scents if you choose. I really like the faint smell of lavender on our freshly dried clothes. Be sure not to over saturate with essential oil as the smell can be over-powering. Start with a small amount and add more if you need to.

What easy DIY household solutions to you use?


Lisa Adele said... Reply to Comment

Do you use the balled up Aluminum foil WITH the vinegar dyer sheets?

Valerie said... Reply to Comment

@Lisa Adele I do when I think of it. Although, I honestly haven't payed attention enough to notice if it makes a difference. It would be a good experiment!