Friday, March 23, 2012

Photo Friday // St. Augustine with my Husband

Last weekend, my husband took me to St. Augustine for an afternoon. It was his idea, and he knows I like to get out of town on little excursions. I love that he thought to do this for me!

St. Augustine is special because we stayed there in a little bed & breakfast for our first anniversary. We discovered a yummy brick oven pizza place on St. George Street and one of my favorite places to get ice cream - Kilwin’s. 

These were two places we want to revisit as well as enjoy the day roaming around the little shops. It turned out to be a busy place which left little room for romantic moments as we dodged people coming from all directions. And I found myself quite frustrated at my lack of photo creativity for capturing our time together. But I still thought it was special to spend the day away – doing something my husband planned just for me! For that, I am very thankful.

Of the photos I did capture, here are a few of the better ones….

This is a beautiful old church we passed after we found a free parking spot in a nearby neighborhood (yay for avoiding a $10 parking fee!). I love the old architecture.

At Pizzalley’s where we enjoyed a yummy margherita pizza. There was a lot of fun d├ęcor all around. I was amused by the gold stars hanging from the ceiling.

One of my favorite spots on St. George Street is the old water wheel. I think it would be fun to have one in my backyard one day.

Yummy Kilwin’s ice cream! Adam was smart and got his in a cup. I decided to brave a waffle cone…which happened to have a hole in the tip. Made a nice little mint chocolate chip puddle on the ground while I was eating it.

We walked over to the river to eat our ice cream. I needed a bit of peace away from all the crowds. And once I finished eating my melty ice cream, I found it. :-)