Friday, March 30, 2012

Photo Friday // Seasons and (more) Strawberries

It has been a while since my last post! I don’t know if you missed reading my ramblings, but I definitely missed writing! In the midst of all my to-do’s the past couple of weeks I just have not been able to make my blog a priority. And that is completely ok. The things taking its place were the many facets of life; several beautiful, a couple sorrowful, all of them surrounded by God’s grace.

Spring is always a busy time of the year, especially at the church. I am involved in planning and serving in the church yard sale this weekend, then our Resurrection Sunday production next weekend. And I am looking forward to teaching during Wednesday night service. Last week our church lost two very dear loved ones, understandably adding to the activity of the church staff and members. It’s been an honor to participate in the celebration of the lives these individuals had on earth and now have in heaven...but they will be greatly missed.

Aside from church-related events, I had the joy of celebrating two family birthdays and then spending the day with my mom, nephews and niece. We picked strawberries and I showed them how to make jam. Oh and I am so looking forward to attending the senior violin recital of a long-time friend this weekend. 

I am filled with awe at the grace of God that has allowed me to savor the joyful moments, to give of myself in times of need and to look forward eagerly at the days to come….all without feeling overwhelmed or exhausted. I did have one day earlier in the week I was definitely tired. But it was God’s prompting that led me to refreshment in Him. Praise God for His love that sustains me!

I have about nine more days of a full schedule and then my life should return to its regular patterns. I will once again be blogging, photographing, trying new recipes and working on my “rehab to running” exercise routine. I love the various seasons of life!

And to commemorate the day with my brother’s kiddos, I have some (more) strawberry photos to share. These kids were great the entire day. I loved how each of their personalities made the experience unique to them. We picked, capped, chopped, smashed and canned....they even got to hear the lids pop! So fun!


My beautiful niece - she loves to pose for photos!

Picking with grandma (my mom).

Aren't they a great looking trio? :)