Monday, March 19, 2012

Keep it Simple

Keep it simple.

This is usually what God reminds me whenever I feel out of balance or overwhelmed. Just keep it simple.

He doesn't call me to live a complicated life. And the aspects of life that do get messy, I'm only supposed to turn them over to Him. Keep it simple.

I discover this also in my gusto to learn and try new things (natural I found myself striving (not a good sign) just recently to find the perfect concoctions for body wash and the perfect homemade versions of store bought items. Struggling over failed attempts I asked God for help and He reminded me. Keep it simple.

So I slowed down and refocused. Simplicity is doing well for me. I still want to learn, discover, go and do. But I think I will be adopting a refreshed focus in all those things - just to keep it simple.