Monday, January 9, 2012

Read the Bible in a Year // SOAP Journaling

One of my New Year’s goals for 2012 is to read the entire Bible in a year. I am not sure if I’ve ever successfully completed that before….I know I never read through it successfully with a heart to study and understand what I am reading. I would usually stick to the passages that make the most sense, skimming over the more complicated ones (or the loooong lists of names). And I'd only allow myself to be challenged for a short period of time such as in a topical Bible study.

But the Bible is God’s living Word to me! I must and I want to make it habit to read, study, understand His Word DAILY.

So I decided to journal as I read. My resolution is to commit to at least four days a week of study and journaling. So far I’ve completed a journal entry each day Monday through Friday. And I love it!

The method I am using is the SOAP journaling method. Here’s what it is in case you want to check it out: (Note: This is my own summary of the process. The original instructions can be found HERE.)

Following the SOAP acrostic, start with:

Read a passage from the Bible and allow God to speak to you about what you are reading. Record the passage or a particular verse God shows you in your journal.

Think about what God is saying in this scripture. Paraphrase the scripture to solidify its meaning, or jot down your first impressions.

Write down how this scripture can apply to you specifically in life right now.

Write a prayer reflecting on the scripture and asking God to help you apply His Word each day.

Like I said, I really enjoy this method! I am simply reading straight through the Bible (with THIS plan). Each day I am excited to see what God is saying to me. Since I am writing things down, I am always thinking, “What does this mean? What am I to do about this?” I’ve discovered I cannot get through a reading session without a concordance to look up original Hebrew words…this furthers my understanding of God’s Word even more.

What about you….are you in God’s Word every day? Have you found a reading plan or study method that works for you? I challenge you to take a walk through the Bible with me this year. We can encourage each other and I believe you will be blessed by His daily Word!