Thursday, January 12, 2012

My 10 Steps to Natural Living // Introduction

One of my New Year’s goals for 2012 is to learn more about natural living and try at least three new things from what I learn. I also promised to take you along on the journey. So today I want to lay a foundation for where we are (I am) going.

I started planning this series weeks ago and also had in mind to do a series focused specifically on healthy living. Interestingly, last week my pastor asked me to do a two week teaching series on health & fitness during our Wednesday night services. I was thrilled at the opportunity! The topic of health is one area I am passionate about learning and God has definitely shown me some amazing things.

So last night was the first class…I wasn’t quite sure how people would react to the information I presented, primarily because what I shared isn’t often discussed in the context of healthy living. But I was humbled by the response. I am just so thankful God can use me to speak into others’ lives! This is not because I like to speak in front of crowd or talk about myself – I don’t really like either of those things. But when I experience something good from God, I want others to be able to experience it too!

This series is going to incorporate some of what I shared at my church – it’s all stuff that God has revealed to me about healthy living. For me, natural living is a pursuit of healthy living and I believe in a holistic approach to the topic. But please keep in mind, I am still new to a lot of natural living methods….and definitely new to homemade products. This means I don’t know everything!

For these reasons, my series is titled “MY 10 Steps to Natural Living”. This is not a fool-proof, comprehensive, step-by-step instructional on how to “go green” in everything you do. Instead, it is my plan for starting a learning process and it is structured in a way that reflects my priorities. However, I do want to write the posts in such a way that will (hopefully) help you if you want to go through a similar process.

I will post one step each week (so this series will span 10 weeks). Throughout the series, I will plan out the things I want to explore, attempt, and finally incorporate into our lives this year. As I actually accomplish my steps throughout the year, I will post updates about the results.

Ready to get started?

Me too! I’ll be posting My Step One tomorrow.