Thursday, January 5, 2012

Natural Living // Things I Want to Try

There are so many interesting ways to implement “natural” into one’s life. I’m interested in a lot of it somewhat out of pure curiosity, somewhat out of a desire to save more money, but also because there are some conventional ways of living that I am just tired of doing. (I'll explain that more in my natural living series.)

As with anything, I believe in balance and setting priorities. So I am not one that wants to green everything in a personal war to save the planet. Good stewardship of the earth and its resources is important to me; but I believe in prioritizing humans above the earth. Prioritizing in such a way that if the natural choice is too expensive, too time-consuming, too out of balance for the life I know God wants Adam and I to live, well then, I will not be making the natural choice in that instance.

I will be discussing my views on this topic and my goals for natural living in a new series coming very soon. For now, here is a taste of some of the things that caught my eye….and (once I learn more) if its seems feasible, I just might try them this year!

  • Learn how to best integrate organic/natural products into our life, while keeping the budget in tact
  • Learn more organic/natural recipes to reduce processed foods in our diet
  • Try washing my hair with baking soda instead of shampoo (I’m really curious about this one!!)
  • Make natural hand soap, body wash, face scrub
  • Learn and try doing laundry with Soap Nuts (or a homemade detergent)
  • Make essential oil dryer sheets
  • Make homemade dishwasher detergent
  • Learn more natural cold remedies/first-aid tips
  • Make/buy natural cleaning products
I’m looking forward to the challenge of trying new things! If you have done any of the above, please, please send me your suggestions or comments. I’m a newbie at most of it so advice is welcome.

Check back next week for the start of my series…. :-)


Bridgett said... Reply to Comment

great things to try out. I've tried several natural or homemade shampoos and I just can't do it. My hair always looks oily. The best one I've found is Tropical Traditions Shampoo bar. but I mainly use chemicals LoL. not trying to discourage you because everyone is different. My stepmom has had great success with the baking soda as shampoo and uses vinegar as a conditioner.
I've also made homemade laundry detergent. It works great for mine & the kids clothes. But does not work on my husband (whom is a mechanic). It actually spreads the grease and oil. But it still saves money and helps to use it for us and just have regular detergent for my husbands work clothes. :)
Have Fun!

Valerie said... Reply to Comment

@Bridgett It's awesome to hear from someone who has tried homemade solutions. And good to know that some things may not work -- instead of getting frustrated I can just move on to try something else! I'm excited to get started. Thanks for your comments Bridgett!