Wednesday, January 4, 2012

My Book List

I LOVE to read….although I don’t always make the time! I hope I can plan more moments for reading each day this year. We’ll see… ;-)

As you may know, I receive a lot of books for free from different publishers in exchange for a review. I really enjoy this system because I have the opportunity to read books I would not have normally picked out. Most of them are good, some are great, only one has been so bad I should burn it. So overall, I think it is worth it!

I don’t limit myself to book review titles. There are others I receive as gifts, get for free through the church or just decide to check out at the library. I enjoy suspense, thriller, and Christian (some) romance novels, as well as Christian non-ficiton or practical living books. I found it’s good to have a little of each genre available so I can pick up whatever fits my mood at the moment. 

I have a bit of a reading list going already for this year…BUT I definitely want to add more! 

The Bible (in a year)
So Long, Insecurity by Beth Moore

Heart of Ice by Lis Wiehl

Move: What 1000 Churches Reveal about Spiritual Growth by Greg L. Hawkins & Cally Parkinson

The Blessing of the Lord by Kenneth Copeland

I already started the one by Beth Moore….SO good! It was a Christmas present from my husband and I wasn’t quite sure what to think about that. Haha! But God knows what I need. I can’t wait to share what I learn!

Have you read any good books lately? Please recommend them in the comments below! They just might make it on my reading list. 

Happy reading!


Bridgett said... Reply to Comment

I love reading too! I haven't read any beth moore books but have done 4 of her bible studies and those are great!