Friday, December 2, 2011

Christmas Photo Journey // Day Two: Reframing the Season

Photo Prompt from Paper Coterie:

Reframing the Season
Beginning December in a calm state of mind might seem easy (now). But, the frenzy of the holiday season can get the best of us and sometimes can come on with very little warning. There will be good days and bad but the gist is to look at this holiday season a little differently. This season we aren't only going to 'hope' to enjoy it (amidst the chaos) we will enjoy it! It only takes a little reframing. As a symbol of looking at things a little differently, today you'll be using a literal frame for your image. You get to decide what goes in your frame today and how you choose to capture it!

Valerie Jones // f/2.5, 1/60, ISO 800, 50mm focal length
This Christmas season I am reframing my focus with a little more emphasis on my marriage. I know it can be easy for me to lose sight of what is important to my husband when I am so distracted by the hustle of the season. This year, I choose to focus on him and I know we will enjoy this Christmas sharing the special moments together.