Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas Photo Journey // Day Seventeen: Warm Glow

Photo prompt from Paper Coterie:

Warm Glow:
Nothing beats the warm glow of candlelight. There is something so sacred about lighting a candle, especially during the holiday season. I have started using candles in my every day life for a number of reasons. Each time I strike a match and burn a candle I am reminded of the power of intention and how my own attention can make such a difference in my daily life. Today, capture the glow of a candle to signify what is meaningful in your life. Make a wish, set an intention, pray, meditate and shoot.

Valerie Jones // f/2.8, 1/30, ISO 800
My "candle" was sent to me from my sponsored child in India. He decorated this card which depicts an Indian earthenware oil lamp. The most touching part is the message on the card: “You have made an impression.” I pray that I have! I wish I could do so much more for my sponsored child and his family. I pray for his well-being, health and spiritual growth. And I am encouraged by every letter he writes letting me know he is doing well. Praise God for work He is doing around the world!