Monday, November 21, 2011

DIY Gifts and

My husband and I had a series of “family meeting” type discussions this weekend. I always enjoy those discussions…. in a way ….not that the topics are necessarily fun, but I like to know we are both on the same page about important family matters.

One of these discussions was about the fact that Christmas is going to be financially different this year. We simply cannot spend money on gifts. Good news is that Christmas really isn’t about buying gifts, so no one should be missing out on anything. However, I do appreciate the concept of exchanging gifts as a symbol of love for one another and in celebration of the greatest gift ever given: Jesus Christ.
So, instead of purchasing gifts for each member of the family plus friends, I will be putting my creativity to use to find other ways to bless people this Christmas. There are so many ideas for handmade gifts or even gifts of service that I am sure I will come up with something for each person on my list! J

One way I am organizing my ideas is through a website called You have probably heard about it…and if you used it, you are probably hooked! It is a simple way to organize ideas you come across all over the interest. Simply hit the “Pin It” button, select a “board” to pit it to and the idea is saved in your profile. You can create boards on any topic you like and pin almost anything you find online. So fun! I highly recommend it if you are looking for a way to organize gift ideas or recipes this holiday season.
And I’ve also included a “Pin it” button on each of my blog posts, so now you can easily pin things you see on here! Exciting right?!

So these DIY gifts I’m thinking about…if I blog about them before Christmas, I’ll spoil the surprise. But you can find me on and check out my boards. Have fun!