Thursday, November 24, 2011

Giving My Thanks

There are many things I want in life…but there is nothing I need. For this, I am extremely thankful and dare not take it for granted.

God has blessed me with…

…a wonderful husband who diligently seeks the Lord and works hard for this family every day.

…friends and family who encourage, support, and love me for who I am.
…a healthy, thriving church family filled with people who love God and desire to do His will.

…a job I absolutely love that enables me to use my gifts for a purpose I believe in.

…a cozy home that is safe, clean and filled with everything we need.

…two cars that get my husband and I everywhere we need to go in our busy schedules.

…health! Most days I wake up in perfect health…and the rare days I don’t are nothing to complain about.

…the joy I have in my hobbies like photography and blogging.

…the freedom to express my thanks to God and publicly acknowledge my Savior Jesus Christ.

…promises in God’s Word that He is fulfilling every day.

…and most of all I have peace, hope, joy and LIFE through my salvation!

Today I thank God for all these things and pray for those who cannot do the same, that they would one day experience the richness of life God has to offer them. And may YOU also be blessed this Thanksgiving!