Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Why Cleaning is a Blessing

I cleaned the apartment the other day and as usual, had a great time. I’m serious! I love cleaning our little home. Part of it is because I love the act of putting things in their place and making sure things look nice. However, there is an added bonus I’ve come to love.Most days I come and go passing by things sitting where they usually sit, using the same things in the same way I have over the past four years. But when I clean, I actually SEE our stuff and our beautiful life.  

I dust the shelves and see all the books and audio Bible teachings that have helped us grow in knowledge and wisdom. I see the dried roses I've collected from anniversaries and birthdays. I see figurines from special occasions. The memories are special and fun to remember.

Emptying the dishwasher, I see all the beautiful and helpful kitchen items we received as wedding gifts. Our friends and family blessed us with so many things!

I see just how many clothes we have as I fold and hang up multiple basketfuls. It is a reminder that while we don't get a new wardrobe every year, we have more than most people in the world. And we still look good, most of the time. ;)

As I reorganize the cupboards, I find a large stockpile of toiletries and pantry items. I am thankful for the people who taught me how to shop sales with coupons, getting many items for free. And it have peace in knowing that when we run out of something, there is usually more in the cabinet.

Then there are the other random things that are pieces of us - his sports equipment, my shoes by the door, our wedding photos, my organizational binder. This is home.
We live in a one-bedroom, 900-sq-ft apartment. Our budget is tight and we don’t have many luxurious things (our couch is older than I am). But we are so blessed. We have everything we need, and more. When I clean, I’m not completing a chore; I’m celebrating our home and thanking God for it.

One day I know we will have bigger, nicer and more. Until then, I look forward to my cleaning days. J