Monday, September 12, 2011

C25K Week Two

Tomorrow I start C25K Week Two. This week I will be alternating 90 seconds jogging with two minutes of walking. This may seem odd, but I am more bothered by the idea of two minutes walking than I am by the jogging. Last week I felt like I was walking too much. Maybe once I start the workout, I’ll appreciate those two minutes. We’ll see! J

My SIL and her friends are awesome motivators, by the way. Every day there are new encouraging posts and ideas on MyFitnessPal.  Today, my SIL asked everyone to post their goals for the week. I love how the girls always want to challenge themselves to do their best!

These are my goals:

Three days of C25K
Three days of strength training
50 crunches a day for five days

I’m looking forward to it!