Friday, September 16, 2011

Photo Friday // Ireland: Day Two - Cashel

This is my second Photo Friday and I will continue with my trip to Ireland this past August. If you missed the first Photo Friday, you can catch up HERE.

Day Two Continued: Cashel
Cashel was the last stop of the day and it was certainly the best! We visited the Rock of Cashel, or Saint Patrick’s Rock. It is known as the site of the conversion of Aenghus the King of Munster by St. Patrick in the 5th century AD. Most of the buildings that are on the current site were built in the 12th and 13th centuries. (Ok, I really didn’t remember all that…I’m paraphrasing info I found online!)
What I do remember are the gorgeous gothic arches in the cathedral ruins and the intricate stone carvings found on walls and nooks...

There was also a small graveyard filled with beautifully carved Celtic crosses.

Cashel on its Rock

Inside the cathedral ruins.

Can you imagine carving this?

More carvings in the cathedral.

We concluded our day by settling into our home for the evening, Hillhouse Cashel B&B. This Georgian home was our favorite B&B…mostly because it was most spacious!

This is one day I wish I could revisit in person. But I am blessed to have a ton of photos and memories shared with my family. J

I’m looking forward to next Photo Friday, when I will take you to Cahir and Cobh!


Jenny Iglesias Sanjana said... Reply to Comment

beautiful photos girl! im very impressed. great job :)

Valerie said... Reply to Comment

@Jenny Iglesias Sanjana Thanks girl!! :)