Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Trying Something Old, In a New Way

I decided to start exercising again, mostly running, for the simple fact that it is good for me and my body always appreciates the effort. My problem is I tend to get bored with the same routines, or working out alone. Neither are good reasons to be lazy.

I was inspired when I saw my sister-in-law’s post on Facebook about starting the C25K program with her sisters and friends. She also uses the MyFitnessPal app on her phone to track her progress with her diet and exercise goals. She may be on to something…

So I looked up the C25K program - it is a program to get you off the couch and running 3 miles (5K) in just two months, by using interval training. Awesome. I love to run, but usually fail at endurance. This may work.

Then I signed up for MyFitnessPal online since I don’t have an app-compatible phone (and I’m ok with that). The site is kind of like Facebook, only for your health goals, completely free and very social. I like accountability and friendly encouragement, so this is perfect. By the next morning I found that my SIL had announced to all her friends that I had signed up and that they should friend me! Yay Sister!

Today was day one of the C25K program and MyFitnessPal tracking. I love it already! Haha, I know. It’s only day one. But so far so good. Check it out….I have 18 calories left. What should I do with them??