Tuesday, September 6, 2011


As I started writing this first blog post, the phrase “make a great first impression” floated through my mind. I almost got hung up on this thought but then I realized how unrealistic it is.

Why should I attempt a great first impression, instead of just being myself? After all, the thing that makes the impression “great” is really based on the interests, beliefs and personalities of those being impressed upon (the audience). I don’t yet know my blog’s audience and therefore don’t know what would be “great” to them (or you). Even if I did, it would not be worth it (or right) to alter who I am for the sake of an impression...

So, that’s that.

I am thrilled to start this blog without any pressure to greatly impress you! I intend to just present you with me, impressive or not, exciting or not, perfect or not. In fact, I can guarantee you won’t see perfect.

I will share glimpses of the joys in my life including my faith, my husband, my family, photography, saving money, eating well (and lots of chocolate J), staying fit (or not), loving people and other odds & ends. I may even work through a struggle or two.

I also hope to have something to offer through my blog. I believe people can be wonderful sources of information, encouragement, inspiration. I love how blogging and social networking can add to those experiences when used correctly. Hopefully as you witness little snapshots of my life on your screen, you will catch hold of something. And perhaps I can gain something from you as well!


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