Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Random Running Tip // Breathe Deep

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I am excited to be back into a running routine - actually, a training routine. There are three races on my calendar this fall, and I hope to see some personal progress since last year.

First is the Color Vibe, a 5K run during which you are pelted with "color bombs" (dyed cornstarch packets). It will be silly and different and really fun!! Then I will be running Tough Mudder again, but this time with my brother and his running mates. I am so excited to do such a challenging race with him! Then I plan to do Superhero Scramble, another short (3-4 mile) obstacle mud run.

So as I pick back up with my training, I'm keying in to all the running techniques that help me be a better runner. And I thought I'd share some with you...just quickly, randomly, one at a time...

Please remember that I am not a trained professional. This tips are sent your way friend-to-friend and based solely on my own experience and research. Please listen to your body and run safely!

Random Running Tip // Breathe Deep
So simple, but this tip will help keep you from passing out after only 1/4 mile. It will also help you release any stomach cramps you might get along the way (simply slow down and breathe).

1. Breathe in as deep as you can. Fill your body with air from your diaphragm up. Feel your stomach expand, and your lungs fill up.
2. Then push the air out from your diaphragm up. Engage your abs in the process of inhaling and exhaling.
3. Focus on creating a breathing pattern with your stride, such as breathing in for two steps, then breathing out for two steps.
4. I always breathe in through my nose and out through my mouth and find that most efficient for me.
5. Avoid shallow breaths, as this can cause you to gasp for air, become light headed or cramp up.

Do these things and you'll be running farther and stronger! Run happy. :-)