Friday, August 9, 2013

I'm a Reds Fan Now

We recently enjoyed a long overdue 8-day vacation to Cincinnati, my husband's home town. We've talked for years about some day going to visit, to see the family and all the places he loved growing up. Thanks to Adam's brother getting married, we finally had a catalyst to formulate some vacation plans!

It was a wonderful week, full of nearly every aspect of life. Upon arrival, we went the hospital where Adam's grandfather had been admitted. We learned while we were there that his illness was so advanced it was time to call in hospice. Two days later, he entered into eternity.

Adam and I were still able to enjoy our scheduled stops: King's Island, the Cincinnati Zoo, a Reds game complete with post-game fireworks. The family Forth of July party had emotional undertones, but the wedding that weekend was still quite joy-filled. We concluded our time in Cincinnati with the funeral before stopping at our last "tourist" destination in Kentucky: the Newport Aquarium.

I enjoyed soaking in every aspect of the adventure! I discovered I can get motion sickness on roller coasters, and also that King's Island has some of the best ones ever. I enjoyed girl time with the bride and her maids as we got mani-pedis while sitting in the most amazing massage chairs. And it was so wonderful to finally meet the whole family while seeing some of the family history in different parts of town (the Jones farm and the golf course built by one of the grandpas).

And to my husband's surprise, my favorite excursion was the Reds game. Yes, I'm a Reds fan now! ;-)

Of course, I documented what I could with's a smattering of my favorites:

A picture of the Jones farm

With the Jones family

Niece and cousins
Grandma Jones

Dad Jones and bro-in-law Aaron

Frisch's Big Boy!

Donato's - where Adam worked in highschool

At the golf course, in memory of Grandpa Chamberlain

At the Cincinnati Zoo


At the Newport Aquarium