Thursday, November 22, 2012

One Thousand Gifts // Thanksgiving Edition

Every day I'm thankful -- I just wish I'd remember to write my thanks down more often! I started back up with my One Thousand Gifts journal this week. Here are some recent ones in honor of the Thanksgiving Holiday (which should be everyday...)

247. A new adventure as husband and wife - moving!

250. Many repairs, assembling furniture and learning to love orange walls.

253. Little red flowers growing by the creek.

256. Sports decor in the spare room.

257. Running with a friend and her little one.

260. A child reading a book to me.

262. The gift of six chairs and a table.

263. Beautiful inmates dancing in appreciation and worshipping God.

264. Bonding with a friend during a car ride.

265. Snuggling in the cold.

267. An 8 mile run and wanting more.

269. Sweet family time over the holiday - both sides!

271. A church family that gives and loves as family should.