Monday, November 12, 2012

A Suprise Change

I haven't posted in about a month...and I've missed it! But I recently got a pleasant surprise that kept me busy the past few weeks.

Adam decided it was time to move to a bigger place! Haha! To be honest, I've been wanting to move for a few years now. I loved our little one bedroom apartment. The complex was new, quiet and very nice. We were comfortable...but a little squished in our tiny space. I just wanted to spread out some!

This year I think I finally..."let go"...and embraced a joyful contentment to be wherever God wants us. And I even set out to redecorate the walls, thinking we would be around another year to enjoy it.

Then my husband surprised me with a decision to move. He found a new place -- bigger AND less rent -- and took care of all the details. Within two weeks, we moved out. Two weeks later, we are pretty much settled.

And I love it! We now have two bedrooms and two bathrooms, a larger kitchen with an island, and a balcony (for plants!). It's home. :)

One of my favorite parts of the moving process was watching my husband handle everything. I'm usually one to put myself in the middle of the planning and details, making sure I know everything that is going on and how it will affect me. This time, he took the reigns and I followed. It was beautiful. I loved seeing how his decisions played out. And letting myself just trust him through the process was so great for us.

The first night in our new home, we just crashed on our mattress (on the floor) after a looong day of moving. The next night, we had the furniture in place. The last thing Adam did before going to bed was set up his spot for prayer and Bible study in the spare bedroom. He cleared the area, set out a blanket for the cold morning and laid his Bible on the arm of the futon. When he woke up, that was the first place he went.

I was so blessed to see my husband making space for the midst of boxes and exhaustion. It was a good reminder to not lose sight of what is most important. Or Who is most important. The One who blessed us with a happy new home and many more blessings to come...