Friday, August 17, 2012

Photo Friday // Sponsorship

This is Abdukalam, the little boy we sponsor in India through World Vision. Except, he really isn't that little anymore!

This summer Abdu (as his family calls him) turned 12.

Every year I receive an annual report listing his favorite activities and what he is doing in school. I also receive a photo so I can watch him grow.

I remember the first photo, the one I fell in love with when I selected him as "my" child. He was only 5 and had the cutest mischievous grin! While each annual photo is a treasure, most have been of him in plain poses with more serious expressions.

Until this year, when I got the one above of him holding a cricket paddle. It was fun to read his yearly report which listed cricket as his favorite game, and with the photo, I could even imagine him playing it.

The photo stays on our refrigerator to serve as a reminder to pray for Abdu, his family and his community. World Vision is working hard in his community to make sure the families have clean water, good education and various sources of income. And they are also doing what they can to share the love of God with the people they serve. I wish I could do more, but then thank God there are organizations like World Vision that are able to connect with people in ways I cannot from half a world away.

Sometimes it feels like it is just a photo on the fridge, but then I remember it represents God's presence in Abdulkalam's life...and His presence is never a trivial thing.