Wednesday, July 11, 2012

July Celebrations #3 & 4 // Friends as Family

This month is all about celebrating and so I continue to record more celebratory moments!

Celebration #3
My closest girl friends and I all gathered one evening for homemade chocolate fondue in celebration of my birthday. It. was. so. good! My friend hosting the evening made the melted chocolate and everyone brought something to dip: marshmallows, strawberries, apples, bananas, angel food cake and, my favorite, cookie dough balls. We gathered around her kitchen table and talked and dipped late into the night. 

As delicious as the fondue treats were, the fellowship was definitely sweeter. Our plan was to get together for just a few hours after dinner - we ended up talking until midnight! I’m so blessed to have girls with whom I can share my life…and food smothered in chocolate.

Celebration #4
This past Sunday our church celebrated its 13th Anniversary! Adam and I have been attending the church for almost eight of those years. It has been such a blessing to be part of that congregation. No church community is perfect; they are made up of people, after all. But I am thankful for the Biblical teaching, the high level of faith and the enveloping love I experience there. 

As part of the celebration, we asked a few members of the church to share personal testimonies about what God has been doing in their lives since they started to attend. It is amazing how God can use imperfect, unsuspecting people to introduce someone to Him and change their lives forever. I love how each of us, no matter how small, are a significant part of a bigger picture. This is the very thing we celebrate as a church; God’s love, God’s purpose working through us for His glory. Of course, a church celebration isn’t complete without cake, punch and other refreshments – and we did just that!