Thursday, May 3, 2012

National Day of Prayer

 …if My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land. 2 Chronicles 7:14

I feel so blessed to live in a country where there is a National Day of Prayer – and it is today! Prayer is so important for advancing God’s kingdom, and the verse above says, so is repentance. I don’t consider myself a very good prayer warrior but I am working on it. And I fully believe in the power of a repentant heart, turned toward God, seeking His will and favor through prayer.

When we align our prayers to Scripture, we can rest in the fact that we are praying God’s will and He desires for it to be done. The circumstances of our nation look bleak but I believe that God still desires healing to come on our land. Even if we do not see positive results in our government or social systems, victory is taking place in the hearts of individuals - starting with you and I.

Today, many churches are gathering together to pray for our nation. I am encouraged to know that my church has joined with 32 other local churches to pray 24 hours a day for seven days leading up to today. People signed up for one hour time slots to keep intercession moving from person to person, church to church, keeping our nation and community bathed in Scripture and requests to God. 

Tonight several churches will meet for a special prayer service including community members who will pray over various facets of our society. I will not be able to attend the service, but I am overjoyed that such an event is taking place.

If you too have a heart for praying for our nation, I’ve listed below a very abbreviated version of the prayer points our church uses when we do 24 hours of prayer. As you pray, allow the Holy Spirit to guide you. He may reveal certain people to pray for by name, or circumstances that are specific to your community that need prayer covering. Understand that prayer is communication with God about His will and it is also a weapon against our enemy, Satan. You will see prayer points associated with "resisting the enemy". As followers of Christ, we can boldly take a stand against the devil's schemes with God's grace and power in our lives.

Before you start, please take the time to prepare your heart and be open to the repentant changes that must take place. Allow God begin the healing process in you, then trust Him to work through your prayers to bring healing to others.


I thank God for:
• His redeeming grace to cleanse and sanctify my life for His service

Repent for:
• Lack of diligence, attentiveness, & excellence
• Being a poor Christian example to others

• God's power and wisdom is available to help prosper the work of my hands
•My career and ministry choices will glorify & please God and help others

• To have wisdom & vision to make good & righteous decisions
• For wisdom and boldness to share your faith

Resist the enemy:
• Resist dishonesty  and abuse of privileges
• Resist complaining, back‐biting and dishonor of those in authority


Thank God for:
• Knitting the Church together as He sees fit
• Devoted Church leadership and their families
• Local church congregations & ministries, whether large or small, young & old, and of all nationalities, and missionaries around the world

Repent for:
• Disunity in the Body
• Not taking God's Word seriously
• The Church not using the power & authority it has been given

• That Jesus Christ is Lord of His Church
• The Church shall delight in God and God will delight in the worship of His people.
• The resources of this world will flow into God's Temple and will be used for His purposes

• For Church leadership to have wisdom in preparing Christians for every good service
• That God’s people would receive emotional and spiritual healing and walk in wisdom, power & character
• For brothers and sisters who are being tortured and persecuted for their faith

Resist the enemy:
• Resist the enemy's attempt to bring oppression and depression upon the people of God
• Resist apathy, hopelessness, doubt and unbelief
• Resist the reasoning of man


Thank God for:
• His beautiful plan & provision in the institutions of marriage & family
• His restorative power, wisdom & grace to fix what has been broken 

Repent for:
• Not treating our family members with honor
• Abuse, Abortion, Divorce, Sexual Immorality
• Money and things and careers becoming more important than family 

• Jesus Christ is Lord over the family
• God's power & grace is well able to fix what has become broken
• As for me and my house, we shall serve the Lord 

• That God would turn the hearts of the fathers to the children and the hearts of the children to the fathers
• That Government legislation would be pro‐life & pro‐family
• That love, peace, honor, forgiveness, nurturing & protection would be the environment of our homes

Resist the enemy:
• Resist the temptation to be unfaithful
• Resist anger, rage, malice, discord
• Resist the temptation to treat family members worse than others 


Thank God for:
• Establishing law, order, safety, peace and assistance through government
• Christians and righteous leaders He has already placed in positions of leadership & authority 

Repent for:
• Complaining about government & not praying for our government
• Departing from our righteous heritage and not teaching it to our children
• Not voting and participating in our governmental process as we have opportunity 

• That righteousness establishes a government & people but sin is the downfall of government & people 

• For Divine wisdom to be given to our leaders to make wise & righteous decisions
• That law enforcement, firefighters, first responders and public servants would have Divine protection & guidance to maintain law

Resist the enemy:
• Resist the foolishness & wickedness of "political correctness"
• Resist the enemy's schemes to bring compromise into the public & private lives of our leaders

Thank God for:
• His provision and His plans & purposes for the work of our hands
• His Divine Wisdom & Strength to help

Repent for:
• Complaining about work – not recognizing your work or job is a gift from God
• Leaving God out of our business life
• Lack of diligence, attentiveness, & excellence in our work

• God's Power and Wisdom is available to help prosper the work of our hands
• Christians will be salt and light in the workplace

• For those who are unemployed and desperate for work and steady income
• That business leaders will have wisdom & vision to make good & righteous choices
• For Christians to have favor in the workplace
• For creative ideas from management and workers to improve product, working conditions & relationships

Resist the enemy:
• Resist dishonesty and abuse in the workplace
• Resist the spirit of greed and the temptation to make money more important than people


Thank God for:
• Him being the Ultimate Teacher & the Truth
• His calling, anointing, and appointing people to teach and mentor others 

Repent for:
• Parents not being more involved in their children's education
• Impropriety in relationships: Teacher/Student & Student/Student
• Ungodly curriculum

• Children are a blessing of the Lord
• God's Truth shall prevail over the deceptions of the enemy 

• That educational systems and teachers would protect the innocence of children and respect the values of parents
• That teachers and administrators recognize their responsibility to be good role models on and off campus
• That students would enjoy learning and would be equipped for a productive life
• That students would continue to have the right to express their Christian faith

Resist the enemy:
• Resist the enemy's work to try to destroy our children through unbiblical teachings and philosophies
• Resist the spirit of lust and immorality from infiltrating our schools 


Thank God for:
• His provision for good health in our bodies
• His working through the Health Care Professionals
• His provision through His Spirit, Word, & Power to bring healing
• His providing natural resources for our health & His wisdom to take advantage of this provision 

Repent for:
• The many children that have been aborted in this state
• The lack of trust in God in the area of health and parental responsibility
• Spirit of greed in the fraudulent activity that is associated in this field 

• That our Healthcare System will value life at all stages (from the unborn to the elderly)
• That Healthcare Professionals will maintain a high level of integrity & represent Christ in their daily practice 

• For uninsured patients facing huge medical bills
• That there would be an increase in the development of cures for diseases
• That people would choose to live a wise and healthy life style according to God’s word
• That the Women’s Resource Center and other pregnancy resource centers will have favor, protection & greater support from local Church Congregations to operate and save the lives of babies 

Resist the enemy:
• Resist the spirit of greed and the temptation to make money more important than the life & health of people
• Resist the spirit of death that seeks to keep abortion legal in our state 


Thank God for:
• Christian television and radio stations & programs, publications, and other resource centers
• Christians in Hollywood & other media outlets who are having an impact on secular programming
• Raising up higher standards in the media industry 

Repent for:
• Allowing secular media to take over our homes, time, thoughts, and families
• Watching & purchasing unwholesome or blatantly immoral material
• A lack of prayer in regards to those who influence what gets produced, created, written & broadcast 

• That God intends our media outlets to be used for His purposes and for the benefit of the people
• That there will be an expansion and financial support for more Christian Media Outlets 

• That those who are involved in media would have wisdom, maturity, conviction and peace
• That news agencies would report the facts without bias
• That there will be an increase in Christian media outlets with high journalistic standards 

Resist the enemy:
• Resist the enemy's use of the media to manipulate or influence our decisions and lifestyles
• Resist the anti‐Christ Spirit in media outlets to seduce people away from the work and principles of God