Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Natural Beauty // Honey Face Scrub

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Last week I posted about replacing chemical-based bath and beauty products with natural items. It is an interesting process, mostly learning to change my mindset. But this past week I struggled a bit with my choices. I have been testing and trying different things (I’ll post about them once I have them mostly figured out.) In the process of adjustment periods, gross hair and weird smelling concoctions I wondered more than once, “Is this worth it?!”

Well, yes, I have decided it is worth it. I was never really happy with all the conventional products to begin with and the natural things that work, work really well. Thinking long-term, my body will benefit from the healthy treatment and low cost of making my own stuff is a friend to the budget. So the hunt, the process, is worth it.

Today I am celebrating one of those little successes I stumbled upon: Honey Face Scrub.

I got the idea from these blogs:

And I adapted by using sugar to make it a scrub. I LOVE how well this cleansed, exfoliated and moisturized my skin. It even decreased blemishes almost over night!

If you want to give it a try, start small (this is good for several uses):

1)      Find a small jar or container – I used a baby food jar
2)      Pour in 1 TBSP white sugar (or brown sugar)
3)      Mix in 3 TBSP raw honey
4)      Use a small blob (teaspoon-ish?) for the face
5)      Rub slowly and gently all over skin for about a minute
6)      Wash off with warm water
7)      Enjoy soft, healthy skin!

So easy – so inexpensive! And I am marveling at all the wonderful bits of creation God made to nourish, heal and beautify His people. The process of discovering this is totally worth it.