Monday, February 27, 2012

Fitness // Pinterest Style

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Oh Pinterest….the place where my creativity flourishes, my dreams soar, my taste buds awaken and where I find myself enticed to try attractive but grueling workouts.

The week before last I pushed myself too hard in cardio again. My knee is making progress, but I got a little ahead of it. So I backed off and decided to add in new strength-training workouts to keep boredom at bay.

They looked so simple. Those little pins on my friends’ boards with photos of incredibly in-shape people making the impossible look like a cinch. I dove in and attempted a handful from the 5 Flat Belly Moves, GreatGlutes in 20 Minutes and 5 Exercises to a Beautiful Back.

Attempted is the key word. I might have fully, successfully completed one of the moves. Others, I made it part way through a set…or not at all. The problem? Muscles I never knew I had.

I know where the glutes are, but there is something else lower in the leg that burns! And there seem to be an array of muscles between my arms and my back that cannot (yet) handle the required range of motion with a resistance band.

Oh but I love it! It is fun discovering territory I have never been…being challenged to accomplish what I have not done before. And I don’t have to wait on my knee to do it!

Excited about fitness once again... :-)