Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Book Review // So Long Insecurity by Beth Moore

I loved this book! My husband got it for me for Christmas…I wondered why at the time…haha. But I am thankful he got it. The topic of the book is one of those lessons I thought I had down and God showed me yet again I need some more work. I am so glad God doesn’t give up on me. He keeps teaching the same lessons so I can completely overcome my weaknesses. So much grace!

I have never read a Beth Moore book before, but I have completed many of her Bible studies. This book was less polished than her other teachings and that’s not a bad thing! She even admitted the book was messy. It was as though we were sitting next to each other discussing our latest spiritual trials. She is open and honest; her words stem from passion to see women (including herself) set free from insecurity – of any type. I loved her personal stories, rants and insight from present experiences. And all of it reflected God’s desire for us to find security in HIM ALONE.

The book started by identifying symptoms of insecurity (the foolish things it makes us do) and root causes of our insecurity. Beth used her own testimony as well as snippets that others shared with her on her blog about how destructive insecurity can be. She then leads the readers to an understanding that God does provide freedom and healing from the roots of our insecurity. By the end of the book, the reader should be able to notice her own insecurity triggers, root causes and how to renew her mind according to God’s Word so that insecurity no longer has a deathly grip on her life.

As for me, I am reminded of two things: 1) I am clothed with strength & dignity (Prov. 31:25) and 2) my security comes from trusting God to take care of me no matter what….even if life doesn’t go the way I want it. These are empowering truths! So long insecurity!

(You can find out more information about this book by clicking HERE.)