Monday, January 23, 2012

On My Day Off // Expo Marker Mirror Art

Our bathroom mirror now displays some handmade word art:

Every so often I will stick index cards with Bible verses on the mirror on the dash of my car. Usually they are verses I need to be reminded of often…those little index card Bible verses have carried me through many spiritual tests! I was thinking about posting a new one of the bathroom mirror, but recoiled at how tacky the last ones looked. I love functional ideas, but will always do what I can to make them as aesthetically pleasing as possible.

So the idea suddenly came to me last night to write on the mirror with a dry-erase marker. Then I can make it look as artistic as my hands possibly can. I set to it today….a nice little creative project for my day off. It’s not perfect, but it beats an index card.


Sharon said... Reply to Comment

What a great idea!! You are so creative!