Monday, January 16, 2012

A Humble Heart

I love reminders from God that come early and often…they help me stay focused on my purpose in Him. How gracious He is to speak to me and encourage me, to draw me to Himself!

Yesterday in church our pastor spoke about priorities in 2012. That as we set goals, resolutions, whatever we may call them, we must keep the foundational elements of our faith in high priority. Nothing replaces spending time with God and hearing from Him. 

My spirit received the reminder early in the service during worship. We sang “Come as Close as You Want” by Misty Edwards. Here’s the chorus:

Holy God take my heart
Purge with flame and truth
A holy heart is all I want
That I may live with You
To live with You

The words I recall (perhaps just because the Holy Spirit was speaking them to me) were “A humble heart is all I want…”

This year I will have many opportunities to learn, grow and lead. As I do, I pray that above all I would remember to humble my heart before God so He can refine me and turn it into a holy heart. May I never think too highly of myself, or become confident in my circumstances. And may I never grow comfortable with where I am at spiritually. I want to welcome the challenges, get outside my comfort zone, even if it hurts at first. I desire to use my gifts for His glory, that I may dwell in joy of His presence. That’s all I want.