Thursday, December 8, 2011 // Best Buy Gift Cards!

Look what came in the mail earlier this week:

Woohoo! Adam and I each earned a Best Buy gift card through the site I’m excited to be able to shop for some fun things Adam has on his wishlist this year.

We signed up for Daily Feats in the middle of November. It didn’t take long at all to earn enough points for gift cards! And the processing and shipping was even faster than the timeframe quoted (3-4 weeks). In less than a month, we earned $20 in fun money. 
If you missed my last post on, here is what it’s about: is a free website that promotes living well and doing good. All you have to do is check in all the positive things you do each day. This can include reading to a child, forgiving someone, or eating your leafy greens. Each “feat” is worth a different number of points depending on the level of effort it takes. You can also create or join challenges that award bonus points upon completion of all feats in the challenge. Plus, you get points for commenting or giving props to other people’s completed feats. Take advantage of all those points opportunities and you’ll have a gift card in no time!

Keep in mind that Daily Feats (wisely) limits the number of awards you can redeem in a month. Also, don’t lose sight of why we really do good each day – to love God, ourselves and others well – not for points!

However, you do deserve a reward once in a while. So go HERE to sign up now!