Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Photo Journey // Day Twenty-Seven: A Breath of Fresh Air

Photo prompt from Paper Coterie:
A Breath of Fresh Air:
The weather outside might be frightful (I wouldn't know because I live in Southern California), but even with winter's chill, fresh air is the best medicine. After shopping malls and gathering indoors so much this month, braving the elements, even just to snap a photo can be a perfect change of pace.  Shoot one of Mother Nature's gifts today. Something that boasts of the season and showcases the splendor of the great outdoors.

Valerie Jones // f/2, 1/4000, ISO 100, 50mm focal length
I have featured this photo on my blog before, so it is not original for this daily photo journey BUT I love it so much! And I didn’t get a chance to get outside for photos. However, the windows have been open at home and at work – the air is crisp and cool. Just the way I like it. The sky is blue and the trees are finally giving in to winter (whatever that means in Florida). I wish I could have spent more time outside today but even the little whiffs of fresh air are invigorating. Hooray for changing seasons!