Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas Photo Journey // Day Twenty-Two: You are Getting Sleepy

Photo prompt from Paper Coterie:

You are Getting Sleepy:
It's around this time of year that we really need to rest.
Rest?! Now? I can't rest now...there's so much left to do...
That might be true and in fact, that's exactly why I encourage you to take a break.

I'm giving you permission to shut down today in order to properly reboot. Even if only for 10 minutes at your desk during your lunch break. Or when you put the baby down for her nap, or right in the middle of what you are doing right now even. Because your prompt today is to capture rest, however you can manage it, I'm holding you accountable. Tricky, aren't I?

Valerie Jones // f/1.8, 1/13, ISO 1600
Today is the winter solstice so dark is coming sooner tonight. And I don’t mind! I opened our apartment windows to let some fresh air circulate and the soothing sounds from the pond in our complex came drifting through the blinds. That’s the sleepy feeling I wanted to capture on camera – outside and the sight of night coming upon our little home beckoning us to rest. I love how this photo turned out with the blink of the lights....Perhaps I’ll take after the sun and turn in a bit early too. Goodnight!