Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Photo Journey // Day Twenty-Four: Enchantment

Photo prompt from Paper Coterie:


No matter what your background, your beliefs, your outlook, your age, there’s bound to be a level of enchantment to be found. Muse on all the ways you can visually translate some sense of awe and wonder during this time of magic. Allow yourself to get swept off your feet today and look at the world around you with the eyes of a child! Capture your shot today with wide eyes.

I love snow. I’ve never lived in it, so I’m sure my love for it is purely romantic…watching the soft white flurries fall from the sky (especially at night) and the crispness of the cold’s fresh and exhilarating. 

Last night I got to stand under some faux flurries at the lights festival Adam and I decided to explore. The temperature was probably in the 60’s and I was in short sleeves. But the experience reminded me of some magic moments I’ve had in the snow. One of my most vivid memories of snow was in middle school; my family decided to rent a cabin in North Carolina for Christmas. It snowed on Christmas Eve night…I remember looking up into the blackness of night feeling like I was flying through all the stars as the snow fell down upon my face. Then waking up to a blanket of white – everything was so fresh and pure. I wish I could experience that again with real snow, but sometimes just the reminder of the memory is enough!

(By the way, my husband took this photo and I absolutely love it! Something about the lighting and colors that adds to the magic of the moment…)