Thursday, December 15, 2011

Christmas Photo Journey // Day Fifteen: Got Gifts?

Photo prompt from Paper Coterie:

Got Gifts?
We've made it to the half way mark of the season already. Time if flying by! Since this is the season of giving, today is the day for putting some of your beautiful photos to good use. We are creating gift tags and/or mini note cards using our photos. That way your tag will be just as special as the gift inside. The first part of this process is to shoot an image or images that you'd like to use for tags. You can make unique tags for each gift or you can choose one image and use it on all your tags this season. It's up to you!

Valerie Jones // f/1.8, 1/25, ISO 800, 50mm focal length
What a fun idea…photographing something to turn into a gift tag! I am not sure if I will actually print my photo to attach to gifts, but if I did, this is the one. It is fun and festive. Something about it just makes me smile. Plus, there is a little bit of me in it. Look closely!