Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Why I Love to Run

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Lately, I’ve been wondering why I love to run. I have never really been able to explain it. I like that it is an exercise that doesn’t require any equipment. I like the feel of the wind on my face, the freeness of the movement, the personal challenge to go faster and farther. All these things are part of it, but running can be painful too. So what makes it great?

When I was out for my morning run on Saturday, I was working to improve both my endurance and speed. Endurance requires the ability to relax into a rhythm, while speed improves through pushing limits a little at a time.  I found myself thinking, “It can be such a challenge, telling my body to speed up and relax at the same time.”

I laughed at how absurd that sounded but then realized THAT is why I love running. The moment when my mind and body is perfectly in sync; speed and endurance are balanced so I know I am progressing toward my goal at the precise rate that also allows my body to relax into a steady cadence of energy. It’s the moment I am not going so fast as to burn out long before my destination; neither am I so relaxed that I dishonor my training and ability to be challenged.

Then God showed me why I love those moments in my run. It’s because it is so much like the peace I have in Him when I live my life according to His balance for me. There are seasons I rush ahead in busyness, surrounded by to-dos and the pace of outside pressures. I burnout quickly during these times. There are also seasons I find myself slothful and lacking diligence in my work and I miss out on the blessings of doing His will.

God has shown me the most abundant life is one lived in faithful diligence to my calling, while relaxing in Him. I am to balance priorities and progress with His desire to minister peace to me; His peace brings rest, energy, strength, and healing…whatever I need for the season I am in. My rest in Him carries me through my race.


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Awesome!! Your persective on things is always great.

Valerie said... Reply to Comment

@AnonymousThank you for your kind comment...and for reading!