Friday, November 4, 2011

Photo Friday // Ireland Day Nine – Dublin

Dublin – this city was the bookends to our trip. I have to say as a whole, Dublin was not my favorite place. However, we did see and do some fun things there. The reason it wasn’t a favorite was because the city felt like any other modern international city. I loved the quaint and rugged Ireland much more.

For me, the highlights in Dublin were Christ Church Cathedral, the Book of Kells at Trinity College, Murphy’s Ice Cream Shop, eating at Gogarty’s Pub and seeing “Translations” at Abbey Theatre.
Christ Church Cathedral, Dublin
While my stomach was most satisfied on our last day in Dublin (corned beef and potatoes…balsamic vinegar ice cream made from Kerry cow milk…YUM!), from a photographic standpoint, Christ Church Cathedral was AMAZING.
I could have spent hours in that cathedral. It was HUGE but also full of architectural history. The cathedral was built, repaired, renovated and added on to over the years. There are moments inside where Roman arches meet Gothic arches, where the tile is either 13th century or 19th century. As we walked the aisles of the cathedral we were also treated to some beautiful organ music as well as an opportunity to pause in a prayer for peace.

These are my best photos of the cathedral…enjoy! J

There was one more day that Mom, Dad and I spent in Ireland before leaving. We took a train ride down to Wicklow. However, it was Sunday and nothing was open. So we walked several miles around town and took the train back to Dublin. I was tired and didn’t take any photos from the day. But Mom took one of Dad and I on the train, and I quite like it. J