Friday, November 11, 2011 // Rewards for Doing Good

Wow, check out this new site I just learned about today!

It is, a site that rewards you for doing good things. You simply create a free account then click on all the “Feats” you accomplish in a day. Feats may be as simple as going to bed on time or as heartwarming as reading to a child. Each feat is worth a different number of points. These points rack up to earn you money saving coupons at local retailers and restaurants (you can search by location). Or you can purchase Premium Rewards which are gift cards to places like Starbucks, Best Buy, Home Depot and more. You also have the option to donate your points to charity.

There are other interesting aspects of the site I still need to explore. There are challenges to complete certain feats that work toward a common goal…I think you get bonus points for those. You also can interact with others on the site by creating teams and encouraging each others’ feats. When you check in a feat, you have the option to share what you did with the rest of the DailyFeats community. Often, the website will show you others’ posts as well. This is site that promotes and encourages positive living. I like it!
I have only just started using this site and already I have more than 275 points. A $10 gift card to Starbucks or Best Buy is 5000 points. It won’t take long to rack up enough points to get one! The only restriction I see so far is that you can only purchase one starred premium reward per 30 days. So keep that in mind before you start clicking away for points!

Note: I always like to warn you of the time wasters. And this can definitely eat up time. I suggest setting aside 20 minutes up front to look through all the feats and find the ones you do daily or weekly. You can click on “Plan It” under the feat to select it for future use. Then each day when you login on the main page, you will see all your planned feats listed together. This will save you time rather than typing in or searching for all the things you do.
Remember that time is more important than money. While this can be a quick and easy way to earn gift cards, it doesn’t have to take over! Have fun doing good! J