Friday, October 14, 2011

Photo Friday // Ireland: Day Five – The Cliffs of Moher

Visiting the Cliffs of Moher was another of my favorite parts of my trip to Ireland. The cliffs were like a beautiful fortress, protecting the island from the mysteries of the sea.

My uncle and I took a little one hour cruise out of Doolin to see the cliffs up close. Unfortunately, my photos only say so much about the experience. They don’t document the feel of the boat bobbing over the waves as the salty sea sprayed us...I find moments like that refreshing. I love the smell of the fresh ocean air. And with a such a sight as the cliffs before us, it was even more exhilarating.

Doolin is a quaint town and seems to only exist because of the cliffs and the pier. I loved the rural parts of Ireland, unlike here in America where I am often uneasy in rural areas (maybe it’s just where I live!). Ireland’s wild places were so peaceful.
My uncle and I left the rest of the family in town and we walked 2 kilometers to the pier. Along the way we were treated to the quintessential Ireland landscape: a moody sky, the cliffs, green grass, cows, a stone wall....and me. J

We had some time to spare at the pier, so Uncle Gary and I wandered around on the miniature cliffs by the beach. They were made up of the most interesting rock formations, with deep crevasses between the rocks.

On the cruise we got to see the cliffs up close, layered in various colors of soil and rock, topped with Irish green. The one towering rock in the ocean is famous for the thousands of birds that occupy its nooks. We saw sea gulls and some type of black bird, but they say puffins live there too!

We are now a little more than halfway through my Ireland trip. Thank you for re-visiting these memories with me! Next Friday we will be exploring the Connemara Region and Galway.  J