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Random Running Tips // Stretch Dynamically

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Random Running Tips // Stretch Dynamically
Stretching is so important for a strong and safe run. Unfortunately, not every stretch is appropriate for just any time. Stretching can cause injury when not done properly.

Before a run, my muscles and tendons are usually pretty tight. Static stretching is the worst thing I can do in those moments (static stretching involves getting into a stretch position and holding it). I've read the effect is similar to stretching a cold rubber band -- snap!

BUT warm-up is essential to a safe run, so I've picked out a few dynamic stretches that get my muscles loose and ready. They

Ok, not really a stretch but it gets things going! This is the best way to ease into more rigorous movements.

High Knees
While either standing in one spot or moving forward, quickly bring your knee to your chest. Drop your foot, landing on your toes, and bring the other knee up. Alternate as quick as you can.

Butt Kicks
Same idea as high knees, but bring your foot back to your butt. Alternate feet quickly.

Leg Kicks
Balancing on one leg, straighten the other and swing it back and forth. You can also do side to side (whatever you have the balance for). Be sure to switch legs.

Lunges & Squats
If you've never learned how to safely and properly perform a squat or lunge, please consult someone more professional than myself. Both are amazing for your work out routine, but can result in injury if you aren't supporting your weight properly. Anyways, do these to get a good dynamic stretch in.

Don't Forget the Arms!
You'll be swinging your arms while you run, so warm them up with some arm circles, swinging back & forth, side-to-side...just get loose!

This is by no means a comprehensive list...just a few of the things I'll do before I start off on a run. Anyone have other suggestions?

Run happy. :-)

**Please remember that I am not a trained professional. This tips are sent your way friend-to-friend and based solely on my own experience and research. Please listen to your body and run safely!


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