Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Random Running Tip // Toes to the Hills

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Random Running Tip // Toes to the Hills
Hills. Most runners hate them. I used to hate them. They slow you down, your heart rate goes wild, you find muscles you never knew...

Well I found out it doesn't have to be that bad.

Simply get up on your toes.

1. Keep your momentum going as you start up the hill, but get up on your toes more than you normally would during a run (unless you are a fore-foot striker, then you are used to this).
2. Your stride should be quick and short. Land on your toes and pick them up again quickly.
3. Lift your legs off the ground, instead of pushing off. It takes more energy to plant your foot and push your body off the ground, than it does to simply lift your leg into the air.
4. Tell yourself, "lift, lift, lift, lift..." if you have to. When I think it, my body readily follows suit.
5. Keep your breathing pattern then same.

Soon you'll be up the hill and your energy will not be depleted! By doing these things, I've noticed only a slight increase in my heart rate. I will come off the hill running a little slower to allow myself to regroup. But in just a few strides, I'm back on pace.

Get on your toes and never walk a hill again.

Run happy. :-)

**Please remember that I am not a trained professional. This tips are sent your way friend-to-friend and based solely on my own experience and research. Please listen to your body and run safely!