Thursday, August 15, 2013

Random Running Tip // Cool Down

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Random Running Tip // Cool Down

To ease your body into recovery following a run, don't skip the cool down. When you are exhausted, it is tempting to want to sit or lie down immediately...but the easiest way to cool down is to keep moving.

1. A good cool down, starts with a good finish. You'll want to finish strong (more on that in another post) -- in other words, don't finish your run feeling depleted.
2. Once you hit your end time or distance, take a few minutes to just jog. You'll feel your heart rate slow down.
3. Ease into a walk, but keep walking until your heart rate feels like it is back to normal.
4. Get a drink of water as soon as you can to start replenishing the fluid you've lost.
5. Once you no longer feel your blood pulsing through your body, you can settled down for some stretching. Be sure to stretch all muscle groups after a run - your whole body was working!
6. Re-fuel your body with a snack within 30 minutes of your run.

Do these things to avoid muscle soreness, fatigue, and headaches. And of course...

Run happy. :-)

**Please remember that I am not a trained professional. This tips are sent your way friend-to-friend and based solely on my own experience and research. Please listen to your body and run safely!